My newsfeed is flooded with details about the royal wedding, and I just want to get a few thoughts out there. It’s not that I don’t care. Really. I’m sure it was lovely.

I’m just so frustrated and sad at the lack of coverage and posts about Santa Fe. Our children are being murdered in our schools. Our children are dying in the place they should feel 100% safe. Please care about this. Please don’t become numb to this. Don’t become distracted. These are our children. I’m attending a graduation today. It’s not lost on me that those parents in Texas are planning funerals for their kids who will never get to graduate. Whether you believe it is through policy, parenting, or a combination of the two, we are failing our children. So what can we do?

I won’t be pushing politics here. I do have a strong opinion on gun policy, but I won’t be bringing that argument to this page. If you want to see policy change and would like to know how to contact your congressmen, I urge you to google it and then do it.

I want to talk about something different right now. If you’re a parent, loving your children isn’t enough anymore. Hoping it won’t happen here isn’t enough anymore. Thoughts and prayers after senseless tragedies aren’t enough anymore. Holding your own babies tighter isn’t enough anymore.

Please teach them how to love one another. I don’t mean just their siblings and friends. Teach them to value every human life. Teach them how to handle inevitable disappointment, and how to cope with their failures. Teach them to recognize a peer in need. Show them how to process strong emotions and how to navigate tough situations. Finish reading this post, look up from your screens, and spend some time really seeing your child. Then, teach them to spend time really seeing others.

I joke a lot about hating people, and when a bunch of you crowd into one place, you’re very hard to love. I’ll be honest. I also struggle to love those of you who sigh loudly at large families with loud children in front of you in the checkout lane. Those of you who believe everything you read, argue in the comments, and judge strangers, you’re especially difficult to love. In spite of that, I do love you, and I’m trying every day to teach my children to love each and every one of you. You never know when their love and light could save someone who is on a dark path. ❤️