Life at the Chicken Bacon Ranch

Okayest Mom, Shitty Housewife, Pinterest Failure, Story Teller, Life Lover

About Me

I’m just your average mom perpetually on the verge of losing her shit, but miraculously and repeatedly pulling off this thing. I love to write, avoid confrontation, overthink social interactions, and wing motherhood. I hate cooking and when people misuse the word “literally”. I’m extremely basic in that I love chocolate and wine, indulge in both frequently, but constantly whine about being out of shape. I’m hoping to share some stories here that will bring humor to you and sanity to me. I’m typing this on my phone while I sit on the toilet, since that’s the only place in my house where I can (usually) get some peace and quiet. If you’re still reading, not offended by swear words, and extremely bored, I invite you to check out the inner workings of my brain.

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