He Doesn’t Know What Today Is

He doesn't remember where we were ten years ago. He doesn't remember that I was bouncing a crying baby in the middle of a food court at the mall. He doesn't remember that I was sad that day, and that our fussy three month old baby could sense the difference in me. He still doesn't know why I finally said yes, after he had asked no less than two dozen times in the previous year.

Seven Things You Should Let Go

We live in the age of too much. We’re buying too much. We already own too much and owe too much. We’re doing too much. We can’t take care of ourselves because we have too much on our calendar, too much on our plate. We go to bed and can’t sleep because we have too much on our minds. Anxiety ridden, overwhelmed, and approaching a milestone birthday, I decided it was time to let some things go. I found a way to exhale, and so can you.

Six Tips for The Sex Talk

My son's freckled face burned red. His tiny ten-year-old body sank into his seat as he stared intently out the window at the fields full of cattle passing by in a blur. I glanced over at his dad, white-knuckling the steering wheel and undoubtedly wishing he could be anywhere else at that moment. It was time.